GARGRAVARR: So you’re to be put into the Vortex yes?
ZAPHOD: Oh, well, er, this cat’s in no hurry you know. I can just slouch about, taking a look at the local scenery.
GARGRAVARR: Have you seen the local scenery?
ZAPHOD: Er, no.
[A howl sounds in the distance]
ZAPHOD: Ah. Ok. Well I’ll just slouch about then.




Slouches are the most common event that we do. The idea is that we travel to somewhere new, and slouch around. OK - you are encouraged to come if you live there, because we will want your advice about what to do and see. We usually gather at the local train station about lunch time and see the sights. Pubs may be involved at some point so please tell us if any minors are coming along. What has this got to do with Hitchhikers? Well, you can look it up.