Mostly Harmless is ZZ9's quarterly magazine—the name has been used since the beginnings of ZZ9 in 1980, long before the book of the same name came out. It is an A4 magazine, stuffed full of news relating to Hitchhiker's Guide and Douglas Adams's other books, projects and interests. It contains interviews, reports and reviews, a full list of our meetings, artwork, discussions, news about our members and all kinds of other fun stuff.

MH is only available to members of ZZ9, so please join the society if you wish to receive it. Back issues of some editions are also available to members through the merchandise service. We have a sample issue available for free online.  

Back editions

The contents of recent editions can be found at But here are some older ones.

Issue 113, July 2009:[MH 113]

  • The announcement of the Penguin And Another Thing. . . book launch event.
  • Pan delve into their archive and share some of the forthcoming extras that will be in their September reprints of the first five books of the trilogy.
  • Bernard Newnham looks back on his Radio Times trailer that featured the second radio series of Hitchhiker's.
  • The first of Nicholas Joll's series looking at Hitchhiker's and Philosophy which starts by examining the Total Perspective Vortex.
  • Whitney and Ix are the subjects of this issue's 'Me and My Beeblebear', with a major supporting role played by Whitney's boyfriend Evan.
  • Jim Mowatt interviews the man behind the iPhone Vogon Poetry App.
  • Mosh guest edits 'Towel Corner' from various locations around the world.
  • Past ZZ9 events are reviewed and future ones are advertised, along with the usual book reviews etc.
  • The date and location of the AGM are announced, the editor rewrites the Presitorial, which was submitted before the deadline and was therefore hopelessly out of date.



Issue 112, April 2009:[MH 112 Back][MH 112 Front]

  • The cover of the Sixth Hitchhiker's book is on our front cover, and there is a report on the reception where the cover was unveiled.
  • The covers of the new Pan reissues are on our back cover, and inside there is information about the publicity campaign that will run this autumn involving Penguin, Pan and the BBC.
  • There is a report of Eoin Colfer's appearances at Eastercon where he talked about the new Hitchhiker's book.
  • Hitchhiker / Douglas Adams related news, including the name of the writer for the third Dirk Gently radio series, good news about the number of Kakapo there are in the world
  • A report on the Seventh Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture given by Benedict Allen, and the announcement of the Eighth to be given by Marcus du Satoy and called: "42: the answer to life, the universe and prime numbers"
  • Douglas Adams's career on Week Ending is explored in reviewing a book about the programme's history.
  • Reports on ZZ9 events (and events that ZZ9ers attended), the Croydon slouch, Picocon, the Beeblebear Picnic at Eastercon, along with an updated diary of ZZ9's forthcoming activities.




Issue 111, January 2009: [MH 111]

  • An interview with Nicholas Joll, a philosopher hoping to write a book about Hitchhiker's.
  • A report of the radio programme, I Was Douglas Adams' Flatmate.
  • Reviews of Artemis Fowl, written by Eoin Colfer, who will be writing the next Hitchhiker's book; The Science of Hitchhiker's audio book, and more.
  • Reports of the AGM, New Year Party and Dan Dare Slouch.
  • News of And Another Thing. . ., and the Last Chance to See TV series.




Issue 110, October 2008: [MH 110]

  • News of, and reaction to, the announcement of the Sixth book in the Hitchhiker's trilogy. To be written by Eoin Colfer and called And Another Thing. . .
  • Geoffrey Perkins, Hitchhiker's radio series producer obituary.
  • The conclusion of the story of the Infocom sequel to their Hitchhiker's game, Milliways.
  • Ken Campbell, Hitchhiker's theatre director obituary.
  • A Review and production details of Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.
  • Information about forthcoming ZZ9 events: The Science Museum Slouch, AGM and New Year's Party. As well as reports on previous events.



Issue 109, July 2008: [MH 109]

  • News of the Special Editions of the first and second radio series (Primary and Secondary phases). Restored by Dirk Maggs, we hear from the man himself.
  • News of the second Dirk Gently radio series starting on BBC Radio 4 on October 9th 2008.
  • Details of the Brentwood stop of the BBC TV Series - The Comedy Map of Britain. Douglas Adams's old school and teacher.
  • The first of a two part article on the Infocom sequel, Milliways.
  • Jonny5 introduces us to his Beeblebear.
  • Information about forthcoming ZZ9 events: The 25th Anniversary Slouch in London, the annual water fight with / against Blake's 7 fans, Rochester Slouch and AGM. As well as reports on previous events.



Issue 108, April 2008: [MH 108]

  • A review of the Sixth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture, including the 30th anniversary live radio script performance by most of the surviving cast and some special guests.
  • A report on Eastercon 2007, including the Hitchhiker's Nostalgia panel with Neil Gaiman.
  • An expected broadcast date for the second Dirk Gently radio series. (Thursday 9th October)
  • News of the Last Chance to See TV series, with Stephen Fry breaking his arm.
  • Kakapo chick hatching news - world total now 92!
  • Information about forthcoming ZZ9 events: Cambridge Slouch, Beeblebears' Picnic and Towel Picnic as well as the annual water fight with / against Blake's 7 fans.


Issue 107, January 2008: [MH 107]


  • Reviews of: the Dirk Gently Radio series on CD; the video biography, Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams, now available on DVD, and Parrot Fashion, the documentary extra about "The Pirate Planet" on the Key to Time boxset.
  • Reports on Worldcon 2007, the Science of Aliens exhibition, as well as ZZ9 events.
  • Details of the ZZ9 EGM, when, where and how to vote.
  • News of the start of filming for the Last Chance to See TV series and the second series of Dirk Gently.
  • Information about forthcoming ZZ9 events.



Issue 106, October 2007: [MH 106]

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Cambridge, a tour from Douglas Adams related locations in his hometown starting at the station and ending in a pub.
  • Details of the ZZ9 AGM, when, where and how to vote.
  • News of Dirk Gently, Film Sequel murmurings, Last Chance to See TV series and more.
  • Information about forthcoming ZZ9 events.





Issue 105, July 2007: [MH 105]

  • A "STOP PRESS" report from the Dirk Gently recording studio.
  • Cast information and broadcast details of the Dirk Gently radio series.
  • A retrospective look at the story of Last Chance to See in the light of the TV series news.
  • Hitchhiker's related news, including DVDs, CDs and Eastercon guests.
  • Information about ZZ9 events including the AGM.



Issue 104, April 2007: [MH 104]

  • Exclusive interview with Rory McGrath who worked with Douglas Adams in the late 1970s on the 1976 Footlights show A Kick in the Stalls and the 1978 Radio 2 Pantomime Black Cinderella II Goes East.
  • Hitchhiker's News, including the Dirk Gently radio series.
  • In the Studio with Dirk Maggs - a visit to the Soundhouse to see Dirk Maggs at work in the studio (on the comedy On the Blog).
  • A report on the Fifth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture given by Dr Richard Leakey.
  • The ZZ9 diary with details of our events including the Life, the Universe and Everything party.




Issue 103, January 2007: [MH 103]

  • Hitchhiker's News, including the Tertiary Phase DVD Launch.
  • The AGM Report and Society accounts.
  • Slouch Reports.
  • New Fan Fiction.
  • The ZZ9 diary of our events.





Issue 102, October 2006: [MH 102]

  • Hitchhiker's News, including Tertiary Phase DVD / Out of the Trees showing
  • An Everyday Story of Merchandise Folk
  • ZZ9 on the Internet / Internet Questionnaire results.
  • Details of the ZZ9 AGM and 26th Anniversary party.
  • The ZZ9 diary.





Issue 101, July 2006: [MH 101]

  • Previously unpublished Douglas Adams material! Placemats from his 42nd birthday party that introduced the guests to each other.
  • A specially conducted interview with Garth Jennings looking back at the film a year after its release.
  • Advance notice of the ZZ9 AGM, and request for nominations to the committee.
  • Our calendar of events for forthcoming months.
  • All the usual news and reviews, artwork and a list of our currently available merchandise.




Issue 100, April 2006: [MH 100]

  • A report from the fourth Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture
  • An issue 100 "Megacomp" with fantastic prizes up for grabs
  • Reviews of the HHGG Complete Radio Series boxed set and of Curio Theatre Company's production of HHGG at the Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia
  • Reports from ZZ9's recent visit to Bristol Zoo (to see the first aye-aye bred in captivity in the UK) and to Lord's Cricket ground
  • A 100th issue special look back at the history of ZZ9, including reports from our founder member Elaine Jackson and letters from two of our honorary members, John Lloyd and Simon Jones
  • Our calendar of events for forthcoming months
  • All the usual news and reviews, artwork and a list of our currently available merchandise



Issue 99, January 2006: [MH 99]


  • Advance notice of Lazlar Lyricon III, a forthcoming ZZ9-run convention celebrating all things Hitchhiker's
  • News including the DVD-A release of the Tertiary Phase radio series, Douglas Adams's induction into The Radio Academy's Hall of Fame, and the sale of Douglas's typewriter
  • Information about the baby aye-aye ZZ9 has adopted
  • A report from ZZ9's 2005 AGM including details of the motions passed and committee posts filled
  • Interviews with Warwick Davis, Dirk Maggs, Simon Jones and Susan Sheridan
  • A review of the Doctor Who exhibition on Brighton Pier
  • Book reviews, slouch reports, a calendar of our forthcoming events, all the usual news, factoids and artwork


[MH 98] Issue 98, October 2005:


  • News of the latest from Dirk Maggs, Joby Talbot, Hammer & Tongs and Michael Hanlon
  • Details of the new Complete Radio Series set on CD
  • In-depth interview with HHGG movie project supervisor, Jamie Courtier of Hensons. Jamie talks about designing Marvin and the Vogons and shares his experiences of working on the film
  • Details of next month's ZZ9 AGM, including all the nominations and motions
  • Reviews, including the HHGG DVD special edition and Joby Talbot's recent concert in London
  • Reports from recent ZZ9 events and from Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention
  • A report from the London Film and Comic Con, attended by David Dixon and Sandra Dickinson
  • Our events calendar for the next three months
  • All the usual news, competitions, artwork, merchandise list...


[MH 97] Issue 97, July 2005:


  • Radio news including broadcast, publication and award information
  • Film News, box office takings and sequel speculation
  • A report on the World Film Premiere & party
  • A report from the preview of the Science Museum exhibition;
  • Film, soundtrack and book reviews
  • #4 in our Film Locations series
  • Notification of ZZ9's forthcoming AGM
  • Interviews with Martin Freeman, Karey Kirkpatrick and Shynola;
  • All the usual news, events, competitions, letters and artwork, and this issue only a special pound-off voucher for the Science Museum exhibition.


[MH 96] Issue 96, April 2005:


  • Movie special -- over five pages of interviews with the cast and crew of the new HHGG movie
  • News about the forthcoming Quandary and Quintessential BBC radio series, including full lists of the cast and crew
  • A report from the third Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture
  • A report from Robbie Stamp's talk at the London Sci-Fi Film Festival in February
  • A day with the hikers -- a write-up from a lucky ZZ9er who spent a day on the movie set
  • Reviews of ZZ9's visit to Islington, home of Hotblack Desiato and places where Douglas used to live
  • A report from the "Steve Meretzky and Michael Bywater In Conversation" event, celebrating the BAFTA nomination given to the BBC's new edition of the HHGG Infocom game
  • All the usual news, reviews, events, competitions and your letters and artwork


[MH 95] Issue 95, January 2005:


  • A full colour cover -- a MH one-off special -- featuring the artwork from the official HHGG movie poster
  • A hike through 2005: details of what's coming up in the world of Hitchhiker's during the following year -- events, books, the film, the two new radio series, etc.
  • Movie news including casting details and part 2 in our series on movie film locations
  • A report from the 2004 ZZ9 AGM and an auditor's report on the accounts for the year ending 31 October 2004
  • The concluding part of The Maggs Memoirs -- our mammoth interview with Dirk Maggs conducted by MJ Simpson
  • A review of the HHGG: Tertiary Phase CDs and a report from October's CD signing at Forbidden Planet
  • Some words from Matt Budd of BBC Worldwide about the BBC's HHGG promo CD offered by the Independent last year
  • All the usual news, reviews, events, competitions and your letters and artwork


[MH 94]


Issue 94, October 2004:

  • Reviews of the first episode of the Tertiary Phase radio series and artwork from the sleeve of its forthcoming UK CD release
  • Part 1 in a series by David Haddock examining film locations used in the forthcoming HHGG movie -- this issue looks at Trefil Quarry
  • A report on Gareth Suddes's Last chance to see follow-up website including information about the Kakapo population in Te Kakahu and the Komodo Dragons at London Zoo
  • A substantial news report on the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, one of Douglas Adams's favoured charities
  • Part three of The Maggs Memoirs -- an interview with MJ Simpson from December 2003
  • Details of next month's ZZ9 AGM, including all the nominations and motions
  • A review of Bat Boy--The Musical, a run of which was recently completed at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, and was directed by Mark Wing-Davey
  • Two competitions, meeting reports, book reviews and news, trivia and artwork sent in by members



[MH 93] Issue 93, July 2004:

  • Late-breaking news of the forthcoming broadcast dates for the Tertiary Phase radio series
  • A full and exclusive listing of the contents of the Douglas Adams at the BBC 3-CD set
  • An exclusive report by MJ Simpson from his visit to the set of the HHGG movie
  • An interview with the movie's Executive Producer Derek Evans from Spyglass Entertainment
  • An obituary of Paul Neil Milne Johnstone
  • Part two of our interview with Dirk Maggs about the radio series
  • An interview with Chris Emmett about compiling the DNA@BBC CDs and his memories of Douglas
  • A report from the recording of the Humma Kavula hymn, to be used in the HHGG movie
  • Notification of ZZ9's forthcoming AGM
  • Book reviews, competitions, meeting reports, diary of forthcoming events, etc. -- all the usual stuff you'd expect from MH.



[MH 92] Issue 92, April 2004:

  • Up to the minute news about the forthcoming HHGG movie, including details of all the currently confirmed cast and crew
  • Part one of an interview with Dirk Maggs, Douglas Adams's choice to direct the long-awaited Tertiary Phase, in which Dirk discusses earlier attempts to return Hitchhiker's Guide to the airwaves
  • A report on how the eagerly awaited Douglas Adams at the BBC 3-CD boxed set came to be, and details of the material that it will include
  • A write-up of the second Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture, which took place at the Royal Institution in London on Thursday 11th March 2004 (which would have been Douglas's 52nd birthday)
  • A report by MJ Simpson about the making of the Tertiary Phase, including (informed) speculation as to why it has not yet been aired
  • Full details of the different versions of MJ Simpson's book, Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams that are available
  • A HHGG themed prize crossword competition
  • All the usual news, reviews, HHGG related trivia, reports from club outings and a calendar of forthcoming meetings and conventions



[MH 91] Issue 91, January 2004:

  • Exclusive coverage of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase (the forthcoming new radio series), including a complete run-down of the cast and crew
  • Full coverage of The Big Read, including all the results and a report from the live final -- and an exclusive interview with Sanjeev Bhaskar, about the making of the programme championing Hitchhiker's Guide
  • An interview with William Franklyn in which he talks about being cast as The Book in the Tertiary Phase radio series
  • Up to the minute movie news with some casting information and details of a prototype Marvin costume
  • A report from Mark Cawardine's talk at the Southwold Literary Festival, in which he reveals plans for a potential follow-up series to Last Chance to See
  • Society news -- including a report from our recent AGM -- and details of ZZ9's new committee
  • The final part of our epic John Lloyd interview. This part covers his friendship with Douglas Adams
  • All the usual news and reviews, competitions, reports from ZZ9 social events and a calendar of our forthcoming outings


[MH 90] Issue 90, October 2003:


  • An exclusive, inside scoop on The Tertiary Phase -- the forthcoming third radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • News about the HHGG film being green lit
  • The fourth part of a five part interview with John Lloyd -- concentrating on The Meaning and Deeper Meaning of Liff
  • A behind-the-scenes report on The Big Read: Battle of the Books
  • A review of Wish You Were Here: the official biography of Douglas Adams by Nick Webb
  • An interview with BBC Director of New Media Ashley Highfield about the Adams-inspired Book of the Future
  • Reviews of MJ Simpson's appearances at the Edinburgh Book Festival and on The Weakest Link
  • The candidates and motions are announced for ZZ9's forthcoming AGM, to be held in Peterborough in November
  • All the usual competitions, reports of our get-togethers, calendar of forthcoming events, etc.



[MH 89] Issue 89, July 2003:

  • Three pages of reporting on the forthcoming HHGG movie, including the original article from Variety which broke the news about the appointment of a directorial team, a detailed biography of Hammer and Tongs with a lengthy list of videos they've directed, and a world exclusive first interview anywhere with Nick and Garth
  • Part three of our interview with John Lloyd (conducted by MJ Simpson)
  • An interview with Adams-fan-turned-author David Lee Stone
  • Reviews, including The MP3 CD of the HHGG radio series and Terry Pratchett's latest novel, Monstrous Regiment
  • Reports from some of our meetings and get-togethers
  • Details of the forthcoming AGM
  • All the other usual bits and pieces



[MH 88] Issue 88, April 2003:

  • "Confessions of a Filthy Pro" -- an article by MJ Simpson about his book Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams, which gives insight into the research and writing that went into the book
  • The second part of our John Lloyd interview, concentrating on Adams/Lloyd collaborations
  • A report on the two Douglas Adams related events which took place at the 2003 Sci-Fi London festival
  • A review of the Hitchhiker's Guide 25th Anniversary tribute that was recently broadcast on BBC7
  • Reports from our meetings and get-togethers, including the ZZ9 New Year's Eve party
  • A sketch writing competition
  • All the other news and artwork and meetings listings and stuff


[MH 87] Issue 87, January 2003:


  • A very special eight page interview with Jane Belson, Douglas's widow, who met Adam Corres to talk about the forthcoming Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy motion picture, a new Doctor Who adventure and the box set of audio CDs read by Douglas just released by the BBC -- and more
  • A report from the ZZ9 2002 AGM including the accounts for the year ending 31st October
  • A double page spread about our trip to Cornwall to visit Magrathea and other film sets from the BBC TV series
  • News about the BBC's audio production of Shada, the legendary lost Dr Who script by Douglas Adams
  • All the usual news and reviews -- and a picture of the Hebrew edition of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency features as this issue's "Front cover on the back cover"