Owning a towel is not obligatory, even though it is the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.

We organise meetings for members around the UK (and occasionally in other countries), produce a magazine four times a year, and offer a range of Hitchhiker's-related merchandise available to members by post.

Our membership is varied and diverse, encompassing the widest range of humanity (and, quite likely, inhumanity) imaginable. Our youngest ever member was not even born, and our oldest has pushed 70.


You can join ZZ9 by purchasing membership through our online shop. (You can pay with PayPal, which includes credit card payment)

Alternatively you can print off the attached membership form (pdf) and send it, along with your membership fee, to the address printed on it.

Membership fees must be paid in UK Pounds Sterling. Acceptable methods of payment are credit card or debit card via Paypal, cheque drawn on a UK bank, UK bank transfer or standing order. For any queries about methods of payment please contact the treasurer.


Existing members can renew their membership via the online shop. It really helps if you have your membership number—usually printed on the address sticker of Mostly Harmless. Ideally if you have been given a web account then please log in first. 

Current Prices

In 2013 we introduced a new type of membership. We sometimes call it electronic only, and sometimes email only. You still get a badge and membership card, but no paper copies of Mostly Harmless—only PDF ones by email. (Though we are looking at other e-book formats too). Note: Following the 2019 AGM, membership rates are likely to increase in early 2020.

  • Worldwide electronic only membership £10.00
  • UK membership £10.00 (paper MH and optional PDF)
  • European membership £14.00 (paper MH and optional PDF)
  • Rest of the world £18.00 (paper MH and optional PDF)
  • Surface mail £14.00 (paper MH and optional PDF sent by slow surface mail)