Purchase this to get four issues of Mostly Harmless - which is usually one year's membership of the club.

We have a number of options for you depending on whether you want Mostly Harmless on paper, and where in the world you want it sent! The price goes up - but that is entirely due to printing and postage.

Note that you can also add Family Members too at a bargain price of just 2 UKP. Family members don't get a separate copy of Mostly Harmless but are members of the club. You must live at the same address as a full paying member.

To renew you membership or rejoin, please enter your membership number. Your membership number is printed on the renewal form with printed MH, or in the email reminder. For family members, please first select the main membership type and click 'Add to Cart', you will then be able to 'continue shopping' and add family members to the payment. Thank you.

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For any queries, please email membership@zz9.org for information on how to join or renew.