ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

is a club for fans of Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. We organise meetings for members around the UK (and occasionally in other countries), produce a magazine four times a year, and offer a range of Guide-related merchandise available to members by post. (At least we do when we have a merchandise officer.) Our membership is varied and diverse, encompassing the widest range of humanity (and, quite likely, inhumanity) imaginable. Our youngest ever member was not even born, and our oldest has pushed 70. Besides the prestige of being a member of the best and greatest appreciation society the Galaxy has ever known, membership of ZZ9 will entitle you to partake in the democratic election of the committee, and to all the following:

Mostly Harmless

The society's (approximately) quarterly newsletter is cram-packed with news, reviews, articles, rants and other amazing things. Published as regularly as clockwork - albeit clockwork that has trouble deciding which order it should go through the seconds - this is an unmissable tool for all aficionados of Douglas Adams's work. You can even download a sample issue.


We stock and distribute a wide range of Hitchhiker's-related merchandise - from T-shirts to Beeblebears - that is available by mail order to members only. (Currently sending out merchandise again since we DO have a merchandise officer!)

Social Gatherings

[In normal times] ZZ9 is a social experience. Originally formed as an excuse to get together and re-appreciate the works of one Douglas Adams, it continues the grand tradition of bringing people together. With monthly social gatherings, weekend slouches, occasional parties and annual picnics (Beeblebear and Towel), as well as mass attendance of Science Fiction conventions, ZZ9 is a way of life. It is life.



Yeah - we know. Rather sloppy updating a site while you are looking at it. For the moment (April 2020) don't worry about broken links or such like. We will be fixing it soonish. Just slouch about a bit and check again later.